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Reasons to Purchase

There are 6 key reasons for companies to acquire the HospiRank 2020, report, outlined below

#1 Demand Drivers

Latin America is a large hospital market with 21,000+ hospitals. With an average size of 46 beds per hospital, most institutions don’t have the volume, capacity or financial tools needed to acquire a large volume of medical equipment. HospiRank 2020 features the nearly 800 hospitals with the MOST equipment and which therefore drive demand and are at the forefront of tech adoption. These are the best prospects to reach, and here you will find all of them, along with the specific amount of equipment types they possess.

#2 Much More Data than What You Have

Sales teams of medical equipment are strong sources for market data. But oftentimes their vision is limited to the clients they serve, sidelining the rest of the market. HospiRank 2020 fills in those gaps and shows you which 800 hospitals have the most of nearly 30 equipment types. 

#3 What You Don’t Have and Can’t Get

Even if your company has prolific amounts of data, it may be difficult to access or outdated. The information presented in HospiRank 2020 comes direct from hospitals and undergoes multiple levels of verification and validation.

#4 Fresh Data Straight from the Sources

GHI’s research team verified 95% of the data in HospiRank 2020 by directly confirming it in June-September 2020, thus reflecting the changes during the COVID-19 crisis. The data is all from the hospitals, NOT third-party sources. 

#5 Depth and Breadth

HospiRank 2020’s hospital rankings were created based on 8 key categories representing major treatment modalities. Each category is made up of equipment types used in each category, listing the amounts that each hospital has, as well as the total. Sales teams can use this data to identify future prospects or opportunities. 

Beyond the rankings, HospiRank 2020 also reveals the amounts of 35+ equipment types that are found in hospitals in 10 Latin American countries. This provides country managers with a market overview. The report also shows projections for 2021 and helps country managers in strategic planning by allowing them to gauge market demand for each of these 35+ equipment types.

Rounding this out is an extensive section on robotic surgery, listing the hospitals in the region that have acquired these sophisticated systems, the models and year of acquisition — a resource that is unavailable publicly. 


#6 Ease of Access

As the sample report of HospiRank 2020 will show, the data is presented with an attractive, easy-to-follow design that allows for quick identification of key data points within a few short scrolls and clicks. Unlike the vast blocks of text found in other market reports, HospiRank 2020 uses simple grids, charts, graphics and boxes that allow readers to quickly zero in on the data they need.