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A quick summary of how HospiRank 2020’s data was researched, analyzed and organized

The data in this report comes directly from qualified hospital personnel.

GHI personnel, based in Latin America, gathered, verified and corroborated the information in HospiRank 2020 directly. This is a stark contrast to most other reports on the medical device or equipment markets, which generally rely on government sources and public data that may be less reliable or out-of-date.

HospiRank 2020 data comes from HospiScope, the world’s leading database for Latin American hospitals. Created in 2014, HospiScope currently contains data for more 90% of the region’s hospitals, spread across 17 Latin American countries. Every year, HospiScope researchers obtain or update more than 2 million data points concerning Latin American hospitals.

In addition, after being compiled, HospiScope data is subject to rigorous statistical modeling and cross-checking to ensure maximum accuracy.