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HospiRank 2020

A market intelligence report for the medical equipment/devices industry with a ranking of the best-equipped hospitals in Latin America in 2020, insights into medical device sales in 10 key markets, market projections from 2019-2023, a listing of all Latin American hospitals with robotic surgery systems and much more.

Manufacturers and distributors need to be ready for when demand picks up.

2020 has produced 3 major challenges for medical equipment manufacturers operating in Latin America:

Mapping the leading hospitals and understanding the key accounts in the region is essential to success. 

HospiRank 2020 is the world’s only report that features detailed insights on leading hospitals, showing the exact amounts of equipment across a wide range of modalities.

HospiRank 2020’s wealth of data features:

Rankings of the 10 best-equipped hospitals in 10 key markets in Latin America

Including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and more. 

Nearly 800 hospitals included 

Reflecting the best the region has to offer.
95% of data listed was verified directly with the hospitals.

For each hospital, a listing of the specific counts they possess of 29 categories of installed equipment

Ranging from angiograms, bone densitometers, MRI and CT scanners to ultrasound machines, X-Ray machines and ventilators, among others.

Rankings are organized by category, reflecting actual equipment presence within hospitals

Such as accommodating patients (beds); surgeries (number of ORs, surgical tables, anesthesia machines, etc.); advanced diagnostic imaging (gamma cameras, MRI machines, CT scanners, etc.); treating cancer (radiotherapy machines, linear accelerators, etc.); and much more.

Going Further

HospiRank 2020 offers a deeper level of insights, such as: